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Mr. Wu Tao has more than 20 years of professional experience. His main practise areas are M&A, commercial dispute resolution, intellectual property rights and etc. Mr. Wu has worked at Chengdu Intermediate People's Court, a leading international law firm, and a leading Chinese law firm.

In corporate and commercial practise area, Mr. Wu has participated in various projects, including joint ventures, merger and acquisition, and cooperation with domestic and foreign high-tech companies. Responsible for providing all kinds of legal consulting services including the daily operation, as well as drafting and reviewing major contracts, resolving disputes through arbitration and other legal activities.

In dispute resolution practise area, Mr. Wu has solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which provides clients with constructive solution. He dealt with various types of litigation and arbitration cases in different industries, including international and domestic trade, inbound and outbound investment, corporate equity, real estate development and construction projects, storage and transportation. Mr. Wu especially good at handling complex civil and commercial cases involving foreign enterprises. Since 2008, Mr, Wu has represented a number of multinational companies, high-tech enterprises, listed companies in litigation cases.

The clients of Mr.Wu in the intellectual property area are mainly high-tech enterprises, listed companies, multinational corporations and growth-type enterprises. Industrial fields are widely distributed in information technology, telecommunications, biological genes, biomedicine, materials, electronics, software, multimedia, manufacturing and etc. Mr. Wu is not only familiar with international conventions, domestic laws and regulations, policy preventions of intellectual property, but also has acted as an agent in a number of intellectual property litigation cases, many of which are well-known domestic intellectual property cases.

Wu Tao