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10 Jul 2018


As manufacturing processes become increasingly digital, the digital twin is now within reach. By providing companies with a complete digital footprint of products, the digital twin enables companies to detect physical issues sooner, predict outcomes more accurately, and build better products.

3 Jul 2018


In some instances, new executives find themselves in difficult work environments fostered by dysfunctional C-suites: a controlling or narcissistic CEO, or one who avoids decisions, or a peer group that resists change. This article proposes four strategies to deal with such challenges.

20 Jun 2018


A new survey conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte Global finds an abundance of confidence among senior stakeholders regarding their organizations’ risk-related capabilities and actions.

17 May 2018


Improving security, efficiency, and user experience in digital transformation.

17 May 2018

董事会中的女性 – 全球视角

Women are still largely under-represented on corporate boards globally, despite continued efforts to improve boardroom gender diversity. Our 5th edition of our Women in the Boardroom report outlines efforts in over 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats.

17 May 2018


Obtaining a clear understanding of an organization’s culture and mitigating its culture-related risks isn’t easy.

23 Apr 2018


How blockchain-based smart contracts could revolutionize commercial real estate

23 Apr 2018

新兴的无线协议 – 应用程序和业务模型设计的新思路

As connectivity increases and new Internet of Things (IoT) possibilities emerge, questions grow around wireless protocols and their role in enabling new applications and business models. Explore key issues at play with today’s wireless network protocols.

20 Apr 2018

商业地产展望 2018

How can real estate executives adapt their business models to keep up with the evolution of their ecosystem? Here are four priority areas for 2018 that may help them bridge the gaps while maximizing value and growth.

3 Apr 2018



27 Mar 2018



22 Mar 2018



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14 Mar 2018

境外投资者在中国新外商直接投资(FDI)监管计划下的收购 – 新备案制度

On 30 July 2017, the Ministry of Commerce of China issued the newly revised version of the Provisional Measures on Administration of Filing for Establishment and Change of Foreign Investment Enterprises.

14 Mar 2018


Today, economic crime is gaining more and more attention to global regulators. Global players face fines of millions, even billions of dollars, for crimes committed within their sphere of responsibility.

8 Mar 2018


The financial services industry is at a tipping point—either disrupt or get disrupted. As start-ups and financial technology firms entice new and changing customers, those that demand customized and targeted experiences, how will the industry as a whole compete?

8 Mar 2018


The 21st Century Cures Act could revolutionize the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. But life sciences companies who don't act now risk being left behind.

8 Mar 2018

制造业女性 – 站出来做出有意义的影响

Women in manufacturing are seeing positive changes in the industry’s attitude towards recruiting, retaining, and advancing women over the last five years, but we are not done yet. Explore the role of manufacturing firms and industry ambassadors in fostering a community of women in manufacturing.

27 Jan 2018

区块链突破 – 金融机构如何利用强大技术?

Blockchain has been poised to disrupt financial services. But with the sheer interest and investment by insurers, banks, investment managers, and commercial real estate firms, is blockchain a transformative technology instead of a disruptive force?

27 Jan 2018

分散金融科技的影响 - 更明亮的分裂阴影

Traditional financial services firms are confronted with several questions in the face of fintech disruption. How will fintech impact my organization? What can I do prepare for disruption?