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30 Oct 2018

保险业的金融技术革命 – 变革的催化剂

Advancing technology has collided with longstanding customer issues to create a series of deep, lasting, systemic challenges for insurance. How will these trends impact insurers’ businesses and the industry overall?

15 Oct 2018

建立世界一流的道德合规项目 – 满足全球期望的五个要素

The ethics and compliance function has evolved over the past decade and it is now front and center with greatly expanded responsibilities. When it comes to creating ethics and compliance programs, organizations today cannot afford to settle for “good enough” and should continuously strive for “great.”

2 Oct 2018

处理分歧– 应对全球银行业日益复杂的战略

The shifting feelings toward global financial regulation convergence could lead to higher compliance costs for banks and reduce their ability to predict regulatory impacts on performance and profitability.

25 Sep 2018


As artificial intelligence (AI) significantly changes the traditional operating models of financial institutions—shifting strategic priorities and upending the competitive dynamics of the financial ecosystem—how can financial institutions better embrace AI and prepare themselves for the future?

13 Sep 2018




13 Sep 2018




11 Sep 2018

人工智能与风险管理 – 自信创新

Financial services (FS) firms are increasingly incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their strategies to drive operating and cost efficiencies, as well as critical business transformation programs. Overall, however, adoption of AI in Financial Services is still in its early stages.

9 Sep 2018


2017 brought Brexit and a new U.S. political administration which led to significant uncertainty. We also saw pressures on the banking and life insurance sectors from sluggish economic growth and low interest rates in Europe and the U.S., and competition from new FinTech entrants. Looking ahead to 2018, most of these challenges and uncertainties remain.

5 Sep 2018


Driverless automobiles—we’re all excited for their arrival and the day when a long drive means catching up on work or taking a nap. Not surprisingly, auto makers and technology companies are excited, too, and are well down the path to presenting a viable driverless vehicle.

27 Aug 2018

我的算法并不适用 – 当技术未能考虑到人为因素时,监管者必须保护公民,维护社会价值。

As more and more organizations rely on data gathering and algorithms to help them make decisions, more inequality and bias is likely to be exposed, some with serious consequences for people as they interact with financial services, health care, government, employers, or even the justice system.

23 Aug 2018


Today’s disruptions are creating a slew of new products, services and ideas to enjoy. Transit, hospitality, financial services, supply chain management and so on are all innovating and challenging the status quo, reimagining how we go about our daily lives, how we interact and connect with each other, and how we should set rules that are in the public’s best interest.

14 Aug 2018

监管策略中心 – 预测变化 – 自信回应

The Center for Regulatory Strategy is a source of critical insight and advice, designed to help clients to anticipate change and respond with confidence to the strategic and aggregate impact of national and international regulatory policy.

10 Aug 2018


This paper identifies the fundamental drivers of misconduct in the financial services industry, with a view of helping firms drive sustainable solutions to improve conduct and restore trust.

7 Aug 2018


With increased regulatory expectations and emergent technologies, the future of risk management will look dramatically different than the current risk capabilities many are familiar with.

2 Aug 2018

内部杂志 – 全球版 – 致力于管理机构和内部控制职能

Welcome to the third international edition of Inside, a publication dedicated to governing bodies and internal control functions. Our objective is to explore the great challenges professionals involved in governance, risk, regulatory compliance, and internal audit will need to overcome for the interest of their organization.

31 Jul 2018

全球风险管理调查 – 第十版 – 增加的不确定性预示着新挑战

While many organizations continue to enhance their risk management practices worldwide, this year's survey revealed that leaders are focused on the regulatory impact of recent geopolitical shifts and questioning what's coming next.

24 Jul 2018

合规角色的变化 – 应对挑战

While the challenges facing Chief Compliance Officers have undoubtedly risen, given increasing demands from both regulators and from internal stakeholders, we see a range of innovative approaches emerging in relation to people, processes and technology which can support CCOs and Compliance functions in navigating through them successfully.

19 Jul 2018

监管的未来 – 监管新兴技术的原则

As emerging technologies drive new business and service models, governments must rapidly create, modify, and enforce regulations. The preeminent issue is how to protect citizens and ensure fair markets while letting innovation and businesses flourish.

17 Jul 2018


16 Jul 2018

2017年科技趋势 – 指数观察名单:即将来临的科学与技术创新

How long before you need to consider how to incorporate nanotechnologies, energy systems, biotechnology, and quantum technologies into the business? Not long: Though these emerging forces may be distant on the horizon, they’ll disrupt industries, strategies, and business models soon enough.