What New Trends Will Disrupt Financial Services?


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The financial services industry is at a tipping point—either disrupt or get disrupted. As start-ups and financial technology firms entice new and changing customers, those that demand customized and targeted experiences, how will the industry as a whole compete? The Deloitte Center for Financial Services sought to discover those disruptive forces that banks, commercial real estate firms, insurance companies, and investment management firms may need to overcome to stay ahead in this changing competitive landscape. Read this new series and watch our videos to explore strategies that will help you define the future success of your business.


Innovations in commercial real estate: Preparing for the city of the future

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners may believe that smart cities are unlikely to impact the existing built environment, or that the timing is too far out to consider seriously. However, some evolving trends are likely to impact the CRE industry faster than expected. Growing government focus, rapid advances in technology, and innovative solutions to improve urban life should compel the industry to prepare and respond to the changes in the ecosystem.


In Deloitte’s 2017 Commercial Real Estate Industry disruptor report, we have identified five themes that CRE owners should consider integral to their business strategy. Most of these themes are enablers, which if used strategically and timely, can equip CRE companies to make their physical space future ready:

  • Future of mobility
  • Occupant health and wellness
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D printing technology
  • Demographic data and predictive analytics

Read the Commercial Real Estate Industry disruptor report.


Banking reimagined: How disruptive forces will radically transform the industry in the decade ahead

any areas within banking and capital markets are experiencing serious existential threats. As the industry is being transformed, there is uncertainty around what the future of the banking industry will look like over the next decade. Are you ready to re-imagine the future of banking and capital markets?

Read this report for disruptive trends and potential scenarios that will shake up the industry over the

longer term, including:

  • A new organizational paradigm: Agile, collaborative, and exposed
  • Future of brands: Need for digital savvy and a sharper focus on customer experience
  • The new world of payments: Blockchain, direct, and seamless
  • Frictionless trading: Machine dominance and the search for relevance
  • Evolution of marketplace lending: Survival of the fittest

Read the Banking Industry disruptor report.


Investment management repositioned: Capitalizing on three disruptive forces

A seismic shift is set to hit the investment management industry. From blockchain and advanced analytics to demographic shifts and robotic regulators, the industry is facing big changes. Discover how three disruptive trends can be transformed into opportunities in the years ahead.

Explore the following topics, bold predictions, and more in Deloitte’s report:

  • The triumph of technology
  • The seismic shift of global wealth
  • The reign of risk management


Read the Investment Management Industry disruptor report.