Taking Aim At Value: Avoid Overconfidence And Look Again At Risk.


C-suite and board survey explores risk as a value creator and shines spotlight on overconfidence.

A new survey conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte Global finds an abundance of confidence among senior stakeholders regarding their organizations’ risk-related capabilities and actions.

But a deeper look reveals significant need—and opportunity—to evolve risk strategies and responses.

Deloitte’s global survey report, Taking aim at value: Avoid overconfidence and look again at risk, examines C-suite and board perceptions of risk, their risk priorities, and how leading companies are evolving their approaches to risk.

The report discusses:

  • Building closer alignment between value creation and risk
  • Establishing and optimizing the role of the CRO
  • Addressing strategic risks and opportunities (including disruption)
  • Forging a response—key steps to managing risk to create value as well as protect it

While the majority of organizations give solid marks to their risk management programs, it’s clear many fall short across a range of key objectives.

To ensure future success, companies must actively harness risk to drive returns, and have a full-time CRO who can be a strategist. Explore the key findings below. 


see also https://www2.deloitte.com/content/dam/Deloitte/global/Documents/Risk/gx-gra-taking-aim-at-value-survey-report.pdf

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