Financial Services Regulatory Outlooks 2019 Leading In The Times Of Change.


The Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy has released a series of 2019 financial services regulatory outlooks to help financial services firms across the globe navigate the year ahead.

Nearly ten years after the financial crisis, the long shadow it has cast has started to fade. With the exception of the final stages of Basel III, most post-crisis prudential policies have now been decided, and banks in particular are now much better capitalized and more liquid than before the crisis. Amid varied approaches and timetables to national implementation of agreed prudential reforms, attention is now more acutely focused on culture and governance, the challenges of new technology, and emerging economic, market and operational risks. Firms need to be prepared to respond to this shifting focus and the new demands that it will place on them.


 The Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy outlooks are designed to provide a clear view of the regulatory landscape and of the actions firms should be taking to respond to regulation. The regulatory outlooks available are:


Asia Pacific financial services regulatory outlook

Asia-Pacific continues to be a dynamic growth region, marked by world-leading innovation in financial services, continued strong GDP growth, and rapidly increasing financial inclusion. In our 2019 Outlook we expect regulators in the region to continue their 2018 trajectory of embedding global post-crisis reforms, ensuring sound risk governance and culture, and adapting to innovative technology while managing emerging risks. Each of these areas brings its own set of policy objectives and challenges, and while in some cases the path is more certain, in other areas approaches and frameworks are still evolving. The Asia-Pacific Outlook is a guide to navigating these different trends across the region.


The 2019 outlook will be out soon. View the 2018 Asia Pacific regulatory outlook here.



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