The Future Of Work.


The challenge

New digital trends are redefining the relationship between the individual and the organisation. Deloitte has been at the forefront of chronicling this trend and working with employers to navigate the future of work offering advisory and implementation support for workforce transformation programs.

The change from an employer to an applicant market, new platforms, alternative approaches to attracting and retaining employees, and the prevailing shortage of skilled workers are all increasing the demands placed on companies and their HR departments. This includes the need to adopt new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and augmented reality.

Trends such as robots, AI in the workplace, dispersed workforces, with people working from anywhere, anytime, and the constant need of employees to learn new skills are just part of what the future of work could entail. Companies must adapt, regardless of functional, geographic or business boundaries.

To operate in this fast-moving environment, organisations must realign themselves constantly, implement innovative and creative solutions into everyday HR tasks and have the courage to take unusual, pioneering steps. Deloitte’s Human Capital teams can guide you through this ongoing work transformation by delivering a tailor-made solution that exactly answers the needs of your organisation.


Our approach


We focus on 'what' and 'how' business is conducted, looking at jobs and tasks that are being augmented by technology but still require essential human skills.


We are interested in 'who' does the work, involving capabilities, capacity, culture, leadership, alignment and agility. We design an environment as connected as our employees, using IOT and bots to better understand employees and enable seamless integration of technology.


We ask 'where' the work is performed in terms of facilities, infrastructure and technology, enhancing the workplace experience by providing optionality, convenience and purpose through data led design.


  • Immersive experiences designed to get your leaders thinking differently
  • Expert analysis of disruptive workforce and technology trends
  • Time to explore workforce data relevant to client industry or function
  • Introduction to Deloitte’s proprietary Workforce Planning Solution
  • An actionable planning process to establish a game plan for further progress

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