Foreign Investor's Acquisition Under The China's New Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Regulatory Scheme – New Record-Filing System.


Legal Webcasts - Aired on 30 November


On 30 July 2017, the Ministry of Commerce of China issued the newly revised version of the Provisional Measures on Administration of Filing for Establishment and Change of Foreign Investment Enterprises. Under this revised version, the record-filing system, as a new regulatory system, was launched for acquisition of Chinese domestic enterprises by foreign investors, and the old approval system has been abolished. The process of acquisition by foreign investors is significantly simplified under the new record-filing system. 


We'll discuss:

  • Background of the new record-filing system.
  • Definition and forms of foreign acquisitions.
  • Scope of foreign acquisitions subject to the record-filing system and exceptions.
  • Impacts on foreign acquisitions.


Stay informed about the current developments and learn about what will become of foreign investment in China.


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